Benches and Bridges

What do you see when you look at a bench or a bridge? For some reason I’ve been fascinated by them for years and I have so many images of different benches and bridges. Benches are all over the place. They’re a resting place and a place to think. A place to think about whoContinue reading “Benches and Bridges”

Manito Park

I went to Manito Park last week and saw all the pretty fall colors and this bench. Now that sounds unimportant but as I was shooting this bench I realized I had been there before. For some reason I’ve stopped and shot several different benches in several different places.   Once I thought about whyContinue reading “Manito Park”


Alright so we talked about action but how do we capture that and any other photograph really? Light. Photography means painting with light so if you don’t have it, you have to supplement it. I’m gonna talk about portraiture because it’s one of my favorite kinds of photography and it’s really easy to learn howContinue reading “Light”