Large Production

My first large production was for our school Shootout. I decided to have a Vanity Through Time scene however, only two models showed up! So I had to improvise. I kept the set the same and, since our theme was time travel, I had to have an element of that in there. I went with a darker theme and kept the set simple. Everything in the image, we put there, every light was placed with care to light a specific part of the set. Nothing was left up to chance. That was my favorite part of this whole shoot, having total control over everything that went on. This shoot really pushed all the skills that I had acquired over the last two years to the limit.

The whole shoot took about 4 hours from start to finish and only about 10 minutes was actually spent shooting. The rest we spent setting up and then fine tuning each item placement to get exactly what I wanted.

Even though this wasn’t the original shot I had hoped for from my large production, It was a good one. I had help from several people and teachers to get my vision through.

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