Benches and Bridges

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What do you see when you look at a bench or a bridge? For some reason I’ve been fascinated by them for years and I have so many images of different benches and bridges.

Benches are all over the place. They’re a resting place and a place to think. A place to think about who has been there, who will be there, what they’ll talk about or think about. What emotions have people felt on that bench? It’s a connection to people we get without actually meeting those people.

For me, it’s a very personal connection. It reminds me of all the times I’ve sat and waited for somebody or something to happen. All the times I’ve been looking forward to something but I’ve had to wait. Sometimes waiting is the only thing you can do in that moment.

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Bridges are meant for action. You cross a bridge to literally get to the other side of a river. You’re going somewhere, you’re doing something. You can’t have bridges without benches, metaphorically speaking. You have to wait for the right moment to take that action but you can’t wait forever. You need to look forward to that bridge and that right moment to spring forward and go where you need to go.

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